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Please Memorize the Fine Print

I don't claim to be the world's expert on credit cards - all I claim is that I've been there and want to make the most use of the credit cards I choose to use. If you are looking for "official" advice, I'd suggest you go to the folks at Ram Research or even Money Magazine.

Most of the basic advice on this front page was written by me and describes my opinion on the Rebate Card game. There is analysis that was provided by others, and I will always post the source of something if the author allows me to mention him/her by name.

Finally, if you have information that you'd be willing to share, all it takes is a simple e-mail message to grapevine_email[at]creditcardgoodies[dot]com and I'll post the information anonymously!

I am not affiliated in any way with any of the companies or products mentioned on these pages. However, there are links to credit card offers which do pay this site commissions if you apply for and receive a card using one of these links. I use the revenue from these referrals to pay for the maintenance and hosting of this site. There is no staff other than me.

I am simply trying to put together some useful information to help people make wise choices about what credit cards and strategies they should use to make their money and purchasing decisions save and/or make them money. Many of the links will go to sites offered by various companies, organizations, and/or magazines and are not be controlled or updated by me personally. I do hereby disclose, however, that I do own a few shares of GE stock in a 401K and I do invest in mutual funds which cover the Financial Services industry. This should not affect anything you see on these pages.

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