Amazon Prime (5%/2%/1%) is still one of the best options

Discussion of Credit Cards that offer Cashback bonuses. Sample cards include Discover, American Express, Citibank, Household, Stockback, etc.
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Amazon Prime (5%/2%/1%) is still one of the best options

Post by dddiam » Sat May 11, 2019 7:21 pm

If you purchase a lot from, then the Amazon Prime card is the way to go.

5% back on purchases.
5% back on Whole Foods purchases.
2% back at restaurants, gas stations and drug stores.
1% back on everything else.

Points are credited automatically, and can be automatically applied to purchases if so desired. Since I spend a lot of money on, and at Whole Foods, the 5% back categories are really helpful to me. Plus I save a ton on free shipping with no minimum purchase.

Although the points are only usable on, you can purchase gift cards for other stores and services. The gift cards are sold on

Perks include free 2-day shipping with no minimum purchase on most products.
Great customer support and return policy. If the product was defective or was inaccurately described, they pay the for the return shipping.

Extra benefits include streaming of a subset of their music, videos, movies and series. (Unlimited costs money). Other perks can be explored on their web site.

WARNING: YOU MUST PAY YOUR BALANCE IN FULL MONTHLY, OR THE INTEREST CHARGES WILL MAKE THE CARD NOT WORTH IT. There is no interest charged if the billed balance is paid in full, on time. However, according to a customer review, if you do not pay in full, you end up paying interest on two months' purchases, rather than just on the carry-over amount from the previous month. See customer reviews on this credit card on the web site.

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