EexxonMobil Mastercard Gone?

Discussion of Credit Cards that offer special deals for Gasoline purchases. Sample cards include Citibank DriversEdge, BP Oil Card, etc.
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EexxonMobil Mastercard Gone?

Post by Michael » Thu Aug 09, 2012 5:35 pm

I went on the website today and ALL reference to the ExxonMobil MasterCard has been deleted. The only cards referenced were the personal, preferred, and business cards.

Called the CSR and then supervisor, but as usual, they know "nothing." (Now there's a surprise for you!)

I fear that this card has gone 'bye- bye', just like Sunoco and ConocoPhillips Mastercards before it.

This is a shame, since their 15 cents per gallon was a decent reward !!


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